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Housewarming gifts should be sent

Friends housewarming, sent Shang what good does? 

couplet, and he painting--said Grand, increased festive atmosphere  

mirror screen, and calligraphy--said solemn and elegant of gift  

he poems--traditional of congratulated way, now has rarely sent He Shi  

clock--in a time in had is popular send of gift, but now has less was sent  

fish-the elegance of traditional gifts, select, but when coupled with related items  

antique vase – can serve as a new home furnishings  

a fresco--this gift is more suitable for a wide House  

small furniture or bedding-the move to send more gift  


pot--selected clean of harmful gases such as cactus plants  

pottery, porcelain--may become the new House home decorations  

scroll – after mounting can be hung in his study or living room, show homeowners there are books of  

Wall lamp--selected appearance elegant, pastel lighting  

  New House of appearance photos--loaded into beautiful of phase box, to new homes of master  

wine frame--subconscious to collection some fine of wine bottle for device  

adjustable wine supplies, filter Cup, and spoon,--can convenient family adjustable wine of with  

decorative sex of phone--classical style of phone, can pendulum in room or living room in, can highlight master of charm  

Housing apartments logo brand--can posted in housing outside, also can plug in lawn Shang, indicates you homes of azimuth  

house number--above can added some classical of pattern, very elegant, can performance master elegant of grade  

hanging in wall Shang of pot frame--can for the kitchen save space  

growth spice or small spent of pot--for put in kitchen of window Shang  

Rabbit and other trinkets-but to decorate your patio  

pot – on the window-sill shelf Decorating Home  

rocking chair-the family leisure purposes can be placed on a balcony in  

wooden calendar--living room or study and practical decorations