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Moved moved don't forget cockroach

When you move, be sure to clear hidden in old furniture, clothes, books and boxes, cockroaches and their eggs in a wooden sheath, otherwise, the new House will soon have a cockroach. Cockroaches do not fly, they rely on transport and luggage, parcels, furniture and other goods spread, and the proliferation of regional or even international. Cockroach people harm and treatment methods as follows: 

1, the following is that cockroaches can spread disease  

Roach portable  40  more than one disease, poisoning bacteria, infectious leprosy, plague, dysentery, typhoid, diarrhea and other parasitic diseases.  

2, and clear cockroaches Habitat places  

regularly for health big cleaning, clear garbage and abandoned of debris, looking for cockroaches and eggs sheath, and will its burned; overnight of food should into refrigerator or stamped protection; closed taps, indoor keep dry; also application oil gray for wipe "three sewing" (door, and wall sewing, and window sewing), and blocked various holes,.  

3, dead cockroaches and cockroach carcasses should be egg sac set burned to the ground.