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Moving rising gasoline and diesel prices

The rising price of gasoline and diesel, to keep workers a raise, office rents are even gone up a few, but the moving charges in the fierce competition it is difficult to raise. Reporters learned recently, because the profit margins are being squeezed, many moving companies in Guangzhou City, struggled last year nearly 10 moving company owner in risk and profits weighing in, choose the dollar store to withdraw.

reporters in Guangzhou some moving companies understand that now moves from 760 Yuan starting price. These charges, the 10%-12% paid to the driver, 30%-35% to pay workers, and in recent years, with rising fuel prices, moving vehicle's fuel consumption and maintenance costs account for 15% of charge, with workers eating accommodation, office rents rise, moving company profits to almost nothing.

facing rising prices, status of the moving charge has not changed over the years, one industry insider told reporters his reasons. According to reports, the moving company access is not high, many of the companies are small, only a few car companies throughout the moving industry price increases are in the offing, a small company in order to repay the loan to buy a car, often low-price private live, moving fees up repeatedly failed. Interview with reporter was informed that the problem of low income was plagued throughout the moving industry, workers for their hard work, the boss in the face of industry risk and income not in proportion, therefore loss of workers, company bosses also be confirmed. It is understood that, in recent years, Guangzhou each year, nearly 10 moving companies "changed hands".